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Station Problems

The table below contains problems associated with stations. Open date is the date the problem was discovered. Status is the current condition of the station, as described in the following table.

Status Description
1No Data Is Being Recorded
2Partial Data Loss Or Gaps In Recorded Data
3No Data Loss - Minor Technical Problems
4No Data Loss - Long-term Problems
5Fully Operational

Each station has a link to its GSN station browser entry.

This table was created on 1/16/2007 (2007,16) 11:10 MST.

StationStatusOpen DateCommentsActionAction DateContact
ADK 3 6/20/2006 Comm link problem between the DP and the DA. During a visit by ASL FE an interfering set of radios operated by UNAVCO was discovered on 12/05/06. Working with UNAVCO as well as independantly to rectify interferance. New radio sets are being investigated 12/1/2006 EPK
ANMO 3 8/1/2006 CMG-3TB has coherant noise. Needs seismometer replacement. Needs seismometer replacment when one is available. 7/23/2006 NDZ
CCM 1 11/14/2006 Comm link between Da/DP down CVP
DAV 3 1/14/2002 STS-1Z response N&E Are dead in question. All insturments need to be resetup. Vault has water leaks. Security restrictions prevent us from making a visit. Operator replaced Z cable and "it looks better". 6/2/2005 DMA
ENH 2 4/23/2006 STS-2 down A replacement host box shipped to site. 11/17/2006 DMA
GNI 2 12/19/2006 Channels 1-6 died QAP or QDP problem Replacement parts being shipped NDZ
HKT 1 12/9/2006 Station not accessable via VSAT visit required SCR
HKT 3 8/14/2006 STS-1 E/W goijg to stop needs centering. Message sent to local op Checking to see if Steve R. will be able to stop by the site. 11/16/2006 DMA
HNR 2 1/27/2006 STS-2 N has lost amplification. Asked local operator one more time if they would attempt repair. 11/16/2006 DMA
HNR 4 9/28/2005 KS54000 has developed a low freq noise problem Seismometer will need to be replaced. 9/28/2005 DMA
JOHN 1 6/1/2004 Station un-installed 06/05/05. Solar Power system had partial failure VSAT and Q-680 returned to ASL 6/5/2005 MAS
KOWA 1 3/11/2002 Comm-link radios are all defective, seismometers are corroded, vault is a corrosive environment. Local helper damaged CMG-3T seismometer during maintenance visit. New equipment hut to be built by CTBTO. The station is inoperative and will have to be reinstalled when the CTBTO equipment goes in. 9/27/2006 NDZ
LSA 1 4/14/2006 STS-2 east dies on occasion and self heals. NDZ
LVC 1 12/9/2006 Station shuts down and needs reset. An I-Boot remote controller relay is on order to install here to allow remote resets EPK
MAKZ 2 2/4/2003 The data from the STS-2 are unuseable due to spiking. The problem started out slow but quickly got worse. Local operator was here for 2 weeks for training and to discuss problems. Power to site is main problem. Working on site upgrades. 9/29/2006 MAS
MBWA 1 12/1/2006 Lightning struck station. New DAU to be sent New DAU needs to be tested and sent. 12/2/2006 DMA
MSKU 1 11/14/2006 CMG 3 pegged Automatic recenter is not working. Local Tech has worked very diligently and has determined seis is bad, replacement required. 12/7/2006 MAS
MSKU 2 9/28/2006 STS-1's not functioning because of corroded FBE's New FBE boxes need to tested and sent. 10/15/2006 NDZ
PAB 3 12/28/2006 STS-1 E-W dead Station Operator attempted repair to no avail. Further Investigation needed WSS
PAYG 3 3/21/2005 CMG-3TB blowing fuses possibly due to low battery voltage = high current. Confirmed the problem is downhole. 5/3/2006 NDZ
PTGA 1 1/1/2002 Station has numerous problems including seismometer and communication issues. FE visited the site August 2004. Station needs complete re-installation as a local site in cooperation with CTBTO. 9/13/2005 MAS
RAR 2 9/1/2005 No data from the KS54000. Seismometer is stuck in bore hole. Seismometer is stuck in the bore hole. FE could not remove it. A trip to the station with the proper removal equipment will need to be scheduled. 9/19/2006 EPK
RCBR 1 8/29/2006 Station down due to interference in DA/DP radio link during the day. Problem is not apparent at night. "Next week" ANATEL (frequence police) will verify if RF interference is happening during the daytime. 8/25/2006 GSG
RCBR 3 9/9/2006 54000 #1 component not producing data Most likely a defective board in the electronic stack. Will require on site maintenance. 10/6/2006 DMA
RSSD 3 12/19/2006 KS54000 Z Bad Possible new insrument needed NDZ
SAML 1 12/30/2006 VSAT equipment needs rest due to low power condition MAS
SAML 3 4/29/2005 We started to see a lot of "pulses" on the 54000 horizontal data starting at 2005,082. This will require a Field Engineer visit. 5/1/2005 MAS
SAML 4 8/9/2004 FBA-23 data is tracking the charge-discharge cycle of the Photo Voltaic (PV) array. This will require a FE visit and a DC-DC converter for isolation. 8/9/2004 MAS
SDV 1 12/28/2006 Possible CTBTO vsat issues Need to check with CTBTO DMA
TEIG 1 10/12/2006 #1 channel on KS36000i seismometer lost Will require FE maintenance visit to replace the seismometer. This is a 36000 which will be replaced with a 54000. 10/12/2006 DMA
TRIS 4 7/13/2004 Spiking on FBA-23 data channels Grounding the seismometer case did not solve the problem. Have not yet determined the cause of the noise. 9/19/2006 EPK
ULN 2 12/12/2006 DA/DP Comm link ratty CVP
WAKE 1 8/29/2006 Island evacuated due to impending typhoon Power has been shut down and VSAT dish parked Site has been destroyed by the typhoon. It will require a complete re-install if economically feasable.. 9/21/2006 MAS
XMAS 2 12/27/2000 STS-2 sensor needs to be replaced possibly due to moisture in cables and instrument. Suspect vault is leaking. Replacement overpack vault, STS-2 seismometer and cables need to be installed. MOU has been signed with Kiritimati. 6/2/2005 NDZ

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